Repair clips

Repair clip

Had a look at other systems to repair an ever occurring fault, before contacting (Gear Cable Clips) and talked to the owner of this product, and to be quite honest, he had nothing but time to explain how it worked and even how to fit, the product even came with a scan bar code ( oil, petrol and diesel resistant ) to a You Tube video on how easy it was, all that said it was 15.45 by the time I ordered the part and he said it would be in the post to me tonight for delivery by tomorrow at 13.00 pm. How he was going to get it to the Post Office to catch the post I didn't know but this morning at 9.20 am with the post man came the part.

Rang my son and 1/2 our later problem solved. The part was well engineered and within the tolerances to allow even someone who was not mechanically minded to fit once reading the clear instructions on the fitting sheet that came with the part and just to be sure I watched the video,


So to be quite honest I felt it well within my capabilities to complete.


I would recommend this part to all who have the problem I HAD. Really pleased with the part and on ringing him this morning he was willing to spend time to see how I fitted the part and to see how easy it was and if there were any problems I found in following the instruction sheet.

Would have no problems recommending this or any other part that Matlock make, thanks again, one very happy customer.


 I researched this product and there are cheaper versions out there, but to be quite honest they are cheaper for a reason, not saying they don't work but for the extra quid or two you get the Rolls Royce of parts which are reasonably priced because Vauxhall wanted to change the cable and with fitting was £365+ Vat........ YOU CHOOSE.

Richard and Dave.